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Project Description

Carving in Brazilian Bloodwood

David has come into substantial quantities of this rare and beautiful timber and has been itching to use it. Lucky for him that Brazilian Bloodwood is relatively easy to carve. As pictured above, that “blood red” hue is completely natural. The timber is hard, very heavy, and takes an amazing finish. After the bulk of the waste had been removed with a trim router, David carved this sign with only a couple of tools – a large gouge and a small straight chisel. The result is meant to be rustic and stylised, right down to reveling in the rough chisel marks (and NO sanding).

The lettering is the name of a village in Malta from where my client’s mother came. The sign now resides on the side of a cabin, and the screw holes are plugged with Wenge.

Materials: Brazilian Bloodwood

Finish: Wax and black acrylic paint

Size: Approx. 350(L) x 140(W) x  25(T)

Date: 2016