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Project Description

A Jewellery Box

The brief was simple – something inexpensive, small and elegant to hold the rings for that special day. The box joints on each corner, and the lovely contrast between Maple (light) and Wenge (dark) seemed to fit the bill. While the joinery was done quickly by machine to keep costs down, there are subtle handmade elements that set this box apart. Like the fit of the lid – the inside rebate was slightly angled by hand with a shoulder plane for a beautiful fit.

But it is the knob I love most. Wenge is not the easiest timber to shape, as one of the pictures above shows. But despite its splintery nature, quite a fine finish can be achieved.

Materials: Maple and Wenge

Finish: Tung oil

Size: Approx. 100(L) x 100(W) x  60(H)

Date: 2015