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David is a designer and woodworker. He is also a family man, an academic and a fitness fanatic. Passionate about designing and making items of beauty and excellence, David specialises in bespoke timber furniture and interior fit-outs and has a full-sized workshop in Brisbane, Australia.

Euro Saw Horses

I’ve wanted saw horses for years. Years! I tried the American style “A-frame” variety. You can buy cheap and nasty ones at the local hardware store. They take a lot of weight, but they’re a cow to stack, and a bear to store. Then one day a good friend and colleague heard my laments and promptly showed me a picture of European-styled saw horses (or “horses” for short). Even better, he texted me a sketch of his horses, including dimensions. Thanks to John Ferandin (H&H Woodworking), my shop space is transformed! John Ferandin's sketch of typical dimensions. What’s to like about these horses? They’re simple and quick to build. They can be moved around easily because [...]

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Festool ETS EC 150/5 and ETS EC 150/3 Sanders

I had to think long and hard about whether the Festool ETS EC 150 variations were worth the hefty price tag. Let’s face it — they are expensive any way you look at it. I’ve now used the 150/3 and the 150/5 extensively in my shop. They are hands-down superior sanders. On paper you might might ask what all the hoopla is about? Yes, it has a lower centre of gravity. Yes, it has better ergonomics than the non EC version of the Festool ETS. Yes it has some fancy electrical features regarding vibration and vacuum efficiency. Yes it weighs less. But for half again more money? Hmmm. Any single feature of this machine justifies the increase in price, and [...]

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Parken Drill Press

A couple of years ago I took receipt of a new drill press. At the time I didn't have a website and posted the details of my purchase on www.woodworkforums.com.au. If you've read the post previously, there is nothing new here. Otherwise, read on… If you're anything like me, you'll love to have a look at the photos. Obviously this review is biased — I've been looking for an "ultimate" woodworking drill press for a long time, and this press seems to fit the bill for me. Also, there are not a lot of pictures of the newer Parken presses on the internet, so these pictures may be of use to others looking for a high quality, Australian made machine. [...]

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A Moxon Vice with an Integrated Bench-top Bench

A Moxon vice (=vise) is one of those rare tools that is so indispensible that it either takes pride of place among a woodworker’s arsenal of hand-tools, or else it is high upon the proverbial (and inexhaustible) list of future tool purchases. A third alternative, of blissful ignorance, thankfully does not exist for you (the reader), because you are about to be enlightened as to the Moxon possibilities! In this brief article, I do not traverse the history of Moxon vices or try to convince you that you need one: I assume both. Rather, I invite you to share my passion for acquiring and using tools, and for improving them if possible. Before I begin, however, let me state what [...]

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