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Bespoke designs and exacting artisan skills — Luckensmeyer embodies the craft of woodworking.

With a perfect combination of bespoke designs and exacting artisan skills, Luckensmeyer embodies the craft of woodworking. Making things of beauty out of beautiful materials. Things to be used and admired. Things that are functional, yet above all, things which enrich the lives of those around them.

The inherent value of natural products demands respect and necessitates immense care to strike the right balance between design aesthetic and the functional integration of a piece into its surroundings.

As a woodworker with decades of experience designing and building timber furniture, David Luckensmeyer is passionate about creating unique, one-off pieces for his clients. Specialising in bespoke furniture and custom interior fitouts, a Luckensmeyer piece handcrafted from the finest exotic and recycled timbers is exclusively made to order and designed to suit individual requirements. Such attention to detail and client involvement in the design process, allow commissions to be refined in every way from budget through to the selection and crafting of timbers destined for a single outcome. This process is exciting and fulfilling for both maker and client. Beautiful designs are enriching and inspirational. So is the timber itself. David shares that inspiration with his clients.


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