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Project Description

Treasure Boxes

Treasure Boxes

Do you have a box of treasures? For your favourite childhood doll? Or your prized plastic figurine or match box car? Some people might use a cardboard box. In it are things of his/her childhood: a baseball glove, a Sand Dollar shell found long ago, a toy gun, a prized rubber collection, a packet of meaningful cards and letters, perhaps among other things. Likely junk to others; but precious to the owner.

David made three small boxes for three special people in his life. Most would think of them as blanket boxes. Small blanket boxes at that. But these boxes are destined for more than holding a blanket or two, although the bases are constructed from Camphor Laurel for its menthol smell to drive away small critters. Hand-cut through dovetails are made the old way, and the best and quickest way – entirely by hand. He delights in cutting these joints “off the saw”, which means that he only uses a chisel to establish the shoulders. Otherwise, careful marking out and straight hand-sawing bring this joint together. The best Brusso hinges are appropriate for a project such as this. The clean lines, and plain aesthetic, belie the true purpose of these boxes: to hold treasure.

For my children.

Materials: Kauri Pine, Brass

Finish: Oil

Size: Approx. 750(L) x 400(W) x  400(H)

Date: Christmas 2016