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Project Description

Icebox for a Boat

Icebox for a Boat

A simple design brief turned into quite a complex project, and thus David was introduced to the intricacies and challenges of outfitting boats. There is not a square corner to be found…

David was asked to make an icebox, using his choice of timbers, to be fitted into an existing pocket of space at the back of a modest-sized fishing boat. At first look the moulded plastic space is square. Not a chance! Both sides are angled outwards at different degrees resulting in an irregular “upside-down trapezium” shaped icebox. Coupled with the fact that the front of the box is angled outwards meant that David was dealing with compound angles every which way.

Angles aside, this icebox is perfect for storing whatever beverage is going at the time. The inset shelf has large circles cut out for Champagne bottles, and can be removed altogether for a couple of six packs. The icebox has a cleat system at the back so it remains secure regardless of boating conditions, and the Bloodwood timber staves across the front provide a classy look.

Materials: Australian Brushbox, Brazilian Bloodwood

Finish: Polyurethane

Size: Approx. 500(L) x 400(W) x  300(H)

Date: 2016