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Project Description

A Little Side Table

Some clients love that old, cracked look. While not strictly “recycled”, this Blackbutt was salvaged from a timber yard: full of dirt, sand, rot, borers and even termites. Using it for furniture is akin to its being reborn — so perhaps its accurate enough to call it recycled!

This little side table is made from three slabs of timber, the two legs intersecting and the third slab slip mortised on top. The Wenge bits are purely to stabilise the largest of the cracks. And perhaps to give this table a little bit of bling. Otherwise, this is the kind of table that wants to be touched. For the finish is ultra-smooth, and it’s satisfying to run your fingers along the natural edges.

Materials: Recycled Blackbutt and Wenge

Finish: Oil and wax

Size: Approx. 600(L) x 400(W) x  400(H)

Date: 2016