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Project Description

An Exotic Jewellery Box

David made this one-of-a-kind jewelry box for his girlfriend (and future wife), Melissa. To impress his girl, he chose the finest timbers at his disposal. The structure of the box is made from Brazilian Rosewood, that quintessential timber of yesteryear, while the panels are African Olivewood (including the back). This box is made like a piece of furniture: rails and styles are grooved with a 3mm router bit; panels are “raised” on the table saw to fit; even the dust panels between drawers are constructed properly, and David used American Hard Maple for the drawer runners because of its hard-wearing properties! The drawer sides, back and bottoms are solid American Walnut for stability and class, while the knobs are custom turned Rosewood. In all, it was a very enjoyable piece to build and still resides in pride of place in the master bedroom all these years later.

Materials: Brazilian Rosewood, African Olivewood, American Hard Maple, American Walnut, felt, brass

Finish: Wax

Size: Approx. 300(L) x 180(W) x  180(H)

Date: 1995