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Project Description

Bathroom Adornments

It is striking how timber can enhance a space and this is no exception. The installation is located in a small bathroom adjoining a guest room where there is neither the need or space for substantial storage. The client wanted something that would soften the otherwise white interior, and at the same time compliment the brown pebble tiles underfoot. Tasmanian Blackwood fit the brief perfectly.

The dimensions of the mirror and shelf follow the traditional “Golden Rectangle” which is approximately “5:8” in proportions. Thus, for this example, 350mm is 5/8 the length of 560mm. Along with squares, the Golden Rectangle offers a very pleasing shape to the eyes.

Materials: Tasmanian Blackwood, mirror

Finish: Oil and wax

Size: Approx. 560(L) x 350(W) x  20(T)

Date: 2016