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Project Description

A Pair of Bookcases

A client of David’s wanted a pair of bookcases that took up as little space as possible, with a look and feel that enhanced the cabin setting it was destined for, and which kept the space tidy. They settled on American Oak as quintessentially representative of cabin furniture, and worked towards a unique design using hand-cut case dovetails, rustic-carved pulls, and butterfly sawn solid wood panels for the doors which not only flaunt the gorgeous Oak grain, but demonstrate that these bookcases were meant to be together. The hidden magnetic catches and the way the doors softly close on a cushion of air (created by the close fit to the case), adds a level of mystique to the piece.

Materials: American Oak, plain-sawn and quarter-sawn

Finish: Tung Oil & Wax

Size: Approx.  1000(L) x 1000(W) x 240(D)

Date: 2014