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Project Description

A Wall-Sized Bookcase

Sometimes the most important design requirement for a custom piece is the best value-for-money possible. The challenge then, is to design and create something which not only meets that design criterion but also functions well and looks great!

In this instance, the client needed maximum storage space for a large collection of academic books. The timber available was a uniform 2200mm long by 150mm wide, which dictated the final size of the bookcase, thus leaving as little waste as possible.

For construction, cross-lapped joints are used without glue between the horizontal and vertical members. This uncomplicated joint allows for easy transport and assembly onsite. The base is cut at a slight angle so that the bookcase rests solidly against the wall for stability. In sum, this easily made wall-sized bookcase holds a large number of books with elegance.

Materials: New Guinea Rosewood

Finish: Oil-enriched polyurethane

Size: Approx. 2150(W) x 2150(H) x  280(D)

Date: 2005