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Project Description

A Golden Coffee Table

A Golden Coffee Table

This coffee table was David’s first experimentation of combining timber with aluminium. An entirely original design, he sought to incorporate the Golden Rectangle in all dimensions. The length and width are set according to the ratio 5/8, as are the width and height. Even the inset panels are Golden Rectangles, except for across the front and back which are square. This was achieved by careful adjustment of the frames that make up the table’s structure.

The aluminium is solid bar stock, hand brushed and waxed. Unfortunately, David forgot to take pictures of the piece after delivery. Woodshop pictures will have to do!

Materials: American Oak, New Guinea Rosewood, Aluminium

Finish: Oil & Wax

Size: Approx. 800(L) x 500(W) x  312(H)

Date: 2008