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A little bit about me

I have the privilege of making things with my hands, things which enrich the lives of those around them. For me, timber evokes something transcendent. I like the concept of ‘listening’ to each piece of timber in order to determine its single purpose. Such a purpose involves giving timber a ‘second life’. That resonates with me.

When you commission a Luckensmeyer piece, it is made entirely by me. Every aspect of my work, from design concepts through to delivery, and the shaping, crafting and care in between, is imbued with my creative energy. But more than that, I embrace every technique, traditional and modern, and use the best methods to achieve the finest outcomes. With an extensive shop at my disposal, including European CNC machinery and tooling, a high level of efficiency and accuracy is brought to my work. But sometimes the old ways are still better and faster—for example, no machine can cut dovetails with proper proportions between tails and pins. I craft this prized joint by hand.

My bespoke pieces are made to last. And I stand behind them.


My favourite projects are invariably what I’m working on right now. It’s strange how this truth is borne out in my work. My clients and I spend so much time working on the designs of each piece that I often become found in the nexus of form versus function. Heart and soul – I love creating things. And I love coming up with just the right solution to a particular design challenge.

Perhaps it’s the feel of the end-grain, freshly hand-planed and polished, or the way a particular part of the grain sparkles and comes alive in the light (technical term: chatoyancy), or maybe the contrasting colours between heartwood and sapwood and their variegated interactions. I don’t know exactly. But timber, alive and warm, is exciting to me.

David made his first major piece of furniture at the age of fifteen — an expanding dining room table from American Oak. His Grandparents recognised some abilities early, and commissioned a 6m long formal dining table with double split pedestals and carved claw-and-ball feet out of Tasmanian Blackwood. It has been many years since then, but David’s passion for timber and design remains undaunted.

Very few have an opportunity to make a living by doing something that inspires them. Before starting the business, David did a lot of woodwork, on weekends and at night, and pursued an academic career by day. After earning a PhD, he worked for years teaching, researching and publishing. But the love of timber and the making of beautiful custom furniture was never far from his thoughts. David’s accountant and friend gave him that final nudge: “How many people actually succeed in working out what they want to do in life? Not many. Just go for it!” Now, David works with wood during the day, and on weekends, and at night.

Along the way David met and married Melissa, his wife of eighteen years, and they now have a young family. Serious hobby has given way to serious enterprise—and he has an extensive collection of tools and equipment in his Brisbane workshop. From contemporary custom-made bookcases, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, to more traditional roll-top desks and cabinets, David has worked on many and varied commissions, never ceasing to learn more about the craft of working with wood. He takes great satisfaction in sharing his design inspiration and passion for fine furniture and interior fitouts, and invites his clients along for the journey.